Working Principle And Characteristics Of Lantian Air Shower

- Mar 18, 2019-

The lantian air shower chamber fan is a kind of room air shower indoor equipment. The air shower chamber fan has an idea prompting system. When the person is blowing, the automatic voice system prompts people to complete the entire blowing dust removal process in an orderly manner, and humanized voice. The prompt gives a kind of intimate feeling and achieves an effective purifying effect. The clean air stream filtered by the high-efficiency filter is sprayed from all directions to the person by the rotating nozzle, effectively and quickly removes the dust particles, and the air is filtered by the initial and high efficiency. Blow into the air shower area.


However, many people are still not very familiar with the air shower fan. The following is the explanation of the characteristics of the air shower fan by Wuxi Lantian Special Fan Factory. The factory is specialized in the production of various types of wind turbines, located in the beautiful coast of Wuxi Taihu Lake. The company combines the specific requirements of the air shower chamber to develop and produce the air shower chamber fan, which has the advantages of small volume, large air volume, low noise, high wind pressure and simple installation.


Let's take a look at the characteristics of the air shower fan:


1. The accuracy of the general air shower stepper motor is 3-5% of the step angle, and does not accumulate.


2. The maximum temperature allowed by the appearance of the stepper motor of the air shower. If the temperature of the stepping motor of the air shower is too high, the magnetic material of the motor will be demagnetized first, which will cause the torque to drop and even lose the step. Therefore, the maximum temperature allowed by the motor surface should depend on the demagnetization point of the magnetic material of different motors; in general, the magnetic The material's demagnetization point is above 130 degrees Celsius, and some even up to 200 degrees Celsius, so the stepper motor's external temperature is completely normal at 80-90 degrees Celsius.



3. The torque of the stepping motor of the air shower will decrease with the increase of the speed. When the stepper motor rotates, the inductance of each phase winding of the motor will form a back electromotive force; the higher the frequency, the larger the back electromotive force. Under its action, the motor decreases with increasing frequency (or speed), resulting in a drop in torque.


4. The air shower stepping motor can run normally at low speed, but if it is higher than a certain speed, it can't start, and it is accompanied by howling. The stepping motor has a technical parameter: the no-load starting frequency, that is, the pulse frequency that the stepping motor can start normally under no-load conditions. If the pulse frequency is higher than this value, the motor cannot start normally, and lost or blocked may occur. In the case of load, the starting frequency should be lower.


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