Why Does The Air Shower Blow Hot Air?

- Mar 25, 2019-

Why does the air shower blow hot air? This is a problem that is common in the market now, and how can it be solved? Below is Wuxi lantian Special Fan Co., Ltd. to answer your questions:


Nowadays, there are hot air blowing problems in the air shower room on the market. Many manufacturers choose to open holes in the air shower box or connect air conditioning pipes to reduce the temperature, but is this a long-term solution? No, many installation sites are not equipped with redundant air conditioning ducts, and the cost of re-directing is large and the efficiency is low. So why are you blowing hot air? Wuxi lantian Fan Research found several problems:


1. The air shower rooms are all enclosed spaces, with poor air circulation and air circulation inside.


2, frequent use, long use time


3, equipment manufacturers have chosen low-cost low-quality fans, heating up very fast, high temperature.


The third point is the most serious, low-price, low-quality fan, although it can be used, but the fan motor heats up quickly, the heat dissipation is slow, and the temperature is getting higher and higher in the long-term, which will cause the air shower to blow hot air or even hot air. Long time, there are problems such as the fan burning, the motor does not turn, etc., affecting the use and increasing the maintenance cost.


For this reason, the blue sky fan cooperates with the professors of various universities and colleges. After a year of research, the new air shower fan has been developed, which completely solves the problem of hot air blowing in the air shower room!


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