What Is The Structure And Working Principle Of A Centrifugal Industrial Fan?

- Apr 19, 2019-

Centrifugal industrial fans are widely used for ventilation, dust extraction and cooling in factories, mines, tunnels, cooling towers, vehicles, ships and buildings. The blue sky fan below will tell you about the structure of the centrifugal fan and how it works.


1. Structure of centrifugal industrial fan:


The centrifugal fan is mainly composed of a motor, an impeller, a volute, an air inlet box, an air inlet, a diffuser, a wind guide ring, a shaft and a bearing, and the wind wheel is composed of a blade, a front plate, a rear plate and a hub.


Centrifugal industrial fan


2. Working principle of centrifugal industrial fan:


When the wind wheel of the fan is rotated by the shaft of the motor, the gas filled between the blades is rotated at a high speed under the pushing of the blade, so that the gas obtains a large amount of energy, and under the action of the inertia and high force, the gas is rushed to the outer edge of the impeller. After the increase of pressure energy and kinetic energy, it flows out from the volute casing, and a negative pressure is formed in the middle of the impeller. Under the action of atmospheric pressure, the source continuously draws in gas to supplement.


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