The Difference Between Blue Sky Fan DC Motor And AC Motor (2)

- Apr 29, 2019-

Last time I introduced you to the DC motor and AC motor produced by the blue sky fan. The basic principles of the two work are the same, all are the laws of electromagnetic induction, and both have their own advantages and disadvantages. This is introduced in many materials. .


Taking the electric motor as an example, if the motor wants to work, the rotor must be driven by the electromagnetic force induced by the rotor winding. Therefore, in order to ensure stable and continuous rotation of the motor, the induced electromagnetic force in the rotor winding must be kept in the same direction. In the case of an electric motor, the direction of the stator magnetic field does not change, so if the current in the rotor is not commutated, the direction of the electromagnetic force received by the rotor during the rotation will change, and the rotor cannot be continuously rotated.


That is, as long as the directions of the electromagnetic forces in the rotor windings are the same, the rotor can continue to rotate. The AC motor makes use of this point. In operation, it does not pass the commutation, but by changing the direction of the stator magnetic field, because the stator magnetic field is not fixed for the AC motor, but according to certain The law is rotating, so it is possible to ensure that the direction of the electromagnetic force received by the rotor winding is constant. As long as the stator coil is arranged in phase, the AC motor naturally generates a rotating magnetic field to ensure the rotation of the rotor.


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