The Difference Between Blue Sky DC Fan Motor And AC Fan Motor (3)

- Apr 26, 2019-

There is also a place to pay attention to. Although the working principle of DC and AC motors is the law of electromagnetic induction, there are also differences between the two, which can be understood by different methods of starting the two. Blue sky fan DC motor rotor rotation (armature winding movement or force) is because the energized armature winding is subjected to electromagnetic force in the magnetic field, so the premise is that there is current in the armature, so the DC motor needs to have armature current to start; When the AC motor is started, as long as AC power is applied to the stator, a rotating magnetic field is generated. Since the magnetic field is moving, the rotor winding induces an electromotive force. As long as the rotor winding can form a closed loop, a current will be generated, which will induce The electromagnetic force drags the rotor to rotate, so the premise of the AC motor rotor motion is that the magnetic field is rotating, which is the difference between the two in the initial state of motion. That is, the process of starting the DC motor is: magnetic field + armature winding with current → induced electromagnetic force in the winding → drag rotor rotation; and the starting of the alternating current motor is called: stator is connected to three-phase alternating current → stator rotating magnetic field → Inductive electromotive force is generated in the rotor winding in the rotating magnetic field → Since the rotor winding forms a closed loop (premise), a current is generated in the rotor winding → the rotor winding generates an induced electromagnetic force → the rotor is rotated to rotate.


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