Still Entangled In Looking For FFU Fan Manufacturers?

- Apr 17, 2019-

The FFU fan filter unit is a self-powered air supply filter unit, which is called Fan Filter Unit in English. It has a modular end air supply device with filtering function. The FFU fan filter unit draws air from the top and passes HEPA. (High-efficiency filter) Filtration, and the cleaned air after filtration is uniformly sent out at a network speed of about 0.45 M/S ± 20% over the entire air outlet surface.


For example, FFU fans imported from abroad are mainly EBM, while Wuxi Lantian Special Fan Co., Ltd. provides high-quality FFU fan motors for most purification equipment manufacturers on the market. The company has 16 years of R&D and production experience. The wind turbine, motor, drive and group control of FFU fan are all integrated and produced independently, which guarantees the quality of the product and the reliability of the system. At the same time, it has 10 undergraduate technicians and provides solid and reliable technical support.


The FFU fan motor mainly produced by Blue Sky Fan has AC AC and EC DC, and the models include: FFU-225, FFU-310


A series of FFU fan wind wheels, such as FFU-380, FFU-400 and FFU-500, support special customization and high-volume generation processing.