Purification Fan Technical Requirements Specification

- Mar 27, 2019-

Wuxi Lantian Special Fan Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of purification fans, industrial fans and air-conditioning fans. It has a 16-year history, a complete fan testing center and a strong technical team.


lantian Fan has always insisted on providing customers with high-quality products and first-class service. It insists on implementing strict technical standards in production:


Impeller performance


Optimized design


The FFU fan is optimized by CFD flow field simulation. This design is more aerodynamic, more efficient and more stable.


High balance level


Each impeller undergoes a dynamic balance test, insisting on the balance level of G4.0, which fundamentally ensures the long-term quiet and stable operation of the fan.


Impeller process


The blade adopts steel laser cutting, precise fixture positioning and full welding process to ensure smooth blade edge, accurate welding angle and high overall strength. The stress is uniform during long-term high-speed operation, and the operation is stable and reliable.




High reliability


The fan adopts auxiliary design to improve the reliability of the structure; the volute and the impeller are continuously welded with all steel, high strength and no leakage, which improves the safety of operation;


high efficiency


The inlet air guide ring is precisely matched with the front disc of the impeller to reduce turbulence and gas leakage, which makes the air flow smoother and improves the aerodynamic performance.




Fan type


The fan should be a steel back-bend impeller single-inlet centrifugal fan. The driving mode is direct connection, coupling or belt drive. The fan structure should be able to allow the impeller to be easily extracted for the impeller maintenance or cleaning.


Quality Standard


The fan has passed the national industrial product production license and ISO9001 quality system certification.


Fan impeller


The impeller shall be a steel back-bend centrifugal impeller and fully welded. The impeller should be statically and dynamically balanced to achieve


Standard G4.0 level. When the impeller is at the maximum allowable speed, it should be able to maintain a smooth airflow and low noise.


Fan housing


The fan casing shall be of steel and shall be of sufficient thickness and strength to withstand the maximum operating weight of the fan. The fan casing should be continuously welded.




The air inlet of the fan should be designed in strict accordance with the aerodynamic characteristics. The surface is smooth and streamlined, and has a good rectifying effect, which can effectively reduce turbulence, improve fan efficiency and reduce noise.


Surface treatment


The surface of the fan should be cleaned first to remove protruding foreign objects, welding slag, burrs, sharp edges, iron filings, and oil.




The motor should be closely matched to the fan load, protection class IP54, insulation class F. The motor bearings should be ball bearings and lubricated. The motor and drive mechanism should be placed outside the airflow to avoid buildup of grease or dust in the airflow.


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