Precautions In The Air Shower Room

- Oct 31, 2017-

1, the air shower room overhaul, the maintenance equipment, must by the professional training personnel operation.

2, the wind shower room circuit installed in the upper box into the door, open the panel door can be repaired and replaced circuit board, maintenance must turn off the power;

3. High efficiency filter is installed in the middle section of the main box (behind the nozzle plate) to disassemble the nozzle panel to remove the high-efficiency filter.

4, the installation of closed-door device body, the speed valve facing doors hinge, and closed doors in the door in the role of the close-closed, do not add additional external force, otherwise it may damage the closed-door device


5, air shower fan installed in the side of the wind shower box, open air filter

6, door magnetic switch and electronic lock (double door interlock) installed in the air shower door frame of the middle position, open the electric lock face screws can be repaired and maintained;

7, the initial effect of the filter (return air) installed in the wind shower box on both sides of the bottom (that is, after the orifice plate), open the hole plate can be replaced or cleared.