New Optional Utility For Wind-shower And Air-shower Channels

- Oct 31, 2017-

1, photoelectric induction automatic function system, adjustable opening delay time.

2, automatic identification function system (with readable sensor card, password, fingerprint, etc.).

3, the automatic ozone sterilization function system, the automatic ultraviolet disinfection function system.

4, Automatic In addition to electrostatic ion occurrence function system, System heating function (Winter cooler use).

5, adjustable delay door function system (after blowing in order to prevent dust from flying to the clean zone, after the blow after the completion of the pre-set time to open the door into the clean zone).

6, filter failure early warning function system (in the high efficiency filter to achieve final resistance can automatically remind the replacement of efficient filter).

7, Automatic self-cleaning function (in the case of normal use, the wind shower room automatically run once every certain time to maintain the indoor cleanliness of the wind).