Lantian Centrifugal Fan Classification And Working Principle

- Mar 15, 2019-

The Lantian centrifugal fan is a fluid machine designed according to the theory of fluid mechanics to increase the fluid pressure. It works by converting the mechanical energy of the prime mover (motor, etc.) into the energy of the applied fluid, thereby causing the fluid to produce speed and pressure. Therefore, from the energy point of view, both the fan and the pump are energy-converting fluid machines.


Fans are a general term for fans, blowers, compressors, and vacuum pumps that pump, discharge, and compress air or other gases.


There are many types of fans. There are lantian fans below to introduce the classification principle of fans. They are often divided according to the working principle. Generally, they can be divided into the following three types:


1. Blade type (also called turbine type)


A fan that relies on the rotation of a bladed working wheel to deliver fluid is called a vane fan. This type of fan can be divided into two types according to the relationship between its rotation axis and fluid flow direction:


(1) Centrifugal type In this type of fan, the fluid that enters the fan in the axial direction becomes a fluid that flows out in a direction perpendicular to the axial direction by the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the impeller. Centrifugal fans are generally used in places where the wind pressure is small and the air volume is high.


(2) Axial flow type In this type of fan, the fluid enters in the axial direction and is discharged in the axial direction, and the blades of the impeller are of the airfoil type. The axial flow fan has the characteristics of large flow, high efficiency, low wind pressure and small volume, and is mostly used for ventilation of plants and buildings.


2. Volumetric


It is a fan that relies on the volume change generated by the machine at work to achieve the suction and discharge of the fluid. The volumetric fan produces high wind pressure and is often used in applications where wind pressure is required. According to the different mechanism of volume change, it can be divided into:


(1) Piston type The reciprocating motion of the piston in the pump cylinder causes the volume formed by the piston and the pump cylinder to constantly change, thereby sucking in and discharging the liquid.


(2) The rotary type rotary fan is used to continuously inhale the volume formed between the rotor and the casing by the rotation of the rotor in the casing, thereby sucking and discharging the fluid. This type of fan (also divided into Roots, Yves, Screw, Gear, etc.).


3. Jet type


The jet type is a machine that uses a high pressure fluid as a working medium to transport another fluid. When the two fluids pass through the machine, wherein the kinetic energy of the working medium is reduced, the kinetic energy of the fluid being transported is increased to discharge the fluid being transported.


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