How To Reduce The Wear Of Centrifugal Fan During Use

- May 20, 2019-

Blade wear often occurs during the use of centrifugal fans, how to improve the wear of centrifugal fans. Here are some experienced anti-wear measures introduced by experienced Wuxi blue sky special centrifugal fan manufacturers:


1. Treatment of the surface of the blade: Carburizing, plasma surfacing, spraying of hard alloy, and bonding of ceramic sheets can be performed on the surface of the blade. These methods can increase the hardness of the blade surface to a certain extent, thereby improving the wear resistance of the blade. However, various treatment processes have certain difficulties, and it is difficult to operate or the price is high, which reduces the feasibility of processing the blade.

2, surface spray wear-resistant coating: this method is more recommended, simple to operate, the cost is not high, but the coating wears quickly, it takes about 3-5 months to re-surface the wear-resistant coating .

3. Improved blade structure: Centrifugal fans can reduce wear by modifying the blade structure, such as machining the blade working surface into a sawtooth shape, changing the hollow blade into a solid blade, and welding the blade to the wear block.

4. Front anti-friction cascade: After installing the anti-friction cascade at the most wearable place, it can prevent the particles from flowing to the rear disc and the blade root, thereby converting the concentrated wear of the particles into uniform wear and improving the wear resistance of the impeller. Sexuality, extending the life of the fan.


5. Use high-efficiency dust removal device: The dust in the operating environment of the centrifugal fan will also aggravate the wear of the fan. It is recommended to use a dust removal device to purify the working environment of the fan to reduce the wear of the centrifugal fan.


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