How To Choose The Air Shower Room?

- Oct 31, 2017-

The use of air shower is very extensive, mainly used in food enterprises, electronic enterprises, optoelectronic Enterprises, automotive industry, biotechnology enterprises, aerospace enterprises, pharmaceutical enterprises, precision instrumentation enterprises and so on. Then each industry chooses the air shower room, what material model is most suitable for the environment? Let's make a simple classification for everyone below.

1. High-grade food enterprises generally use stainless steel air shower room material, such as single double blow, double double hair shower room. Or three hair shower room, more than 100 people need to install more than double hair shower room or more than three people shower channels.

2. The majority of photovoltaic enterprises, electronic or photoelectric enterprises tend to be cold rolled plate air shower. or outside paint inside the stainless steel air shower room. Because this has anti-static function.

3. Precision instrumentation and automotive spraying Workshop enterprises are installed stainless steel 304 material of the wind shower room, and is a three-blow type. Because precision instrumentation on the environmental requirements are very harsh, so the wind shower room is also required to high-end, so the choice is 304 stainless steel three-hair shower room.