Fan Maintenance

- Apr 05, 2019-

When using the fan, there are always many problems, which leads to inconvenient use of the fan and various problems. In fact, it is a problem in the installation and maintenance of the fan. Therefore, when using the fan in peacetime, we must pay attention to the fan installation. And maintenance matters, in order to ensure the service life of the fan and the value of the fan.


1. It is necessary to use a flat washer and a spring washer to tighten the screw;


2, the use of rubber buffer rubber to withstand the weight of high-pressure blowers, especially high-power high-pressure blowers, such as 9-19/9-26 series high-pressure centrifugal fan, essential;


3. For some occasions where noise is required, noise reduction equipment can be installed to reduce noise (generally about 5dB), and the noise reduction equipment is installed at the end of the air inlet duct or the air outlet duct;


4. For some occasions with high noise requirements, according to the conditions of the machine itself, plus a layer of silencer cotton, it can meet the noise requirements of the site. For details, please consult the manufacturer of high pressure blower, Wuxi Lantian Special Fan Co., Ltd. It is a professional manufacturer of wind turbines. It has a history of 16 years, a strong scientific research team, and a complete fan testing center, which can help you solve a series of problems during use. Tel: 18851570668


5. When using silencer cotton silencer, pay attention to the distance between the high pressure blower and the box, pay attention to the ventilation and heat dissipation of the high pressure blower, pay attention to the use of rubber buffer rubber to bear the weight of the high pressure blower, specifically need to consult the blue sky fan manufacturer.