Do You Know Which Classifications Of Lantian Centrifugal Fans?

- Apr 08, 2019-

Wuxi Lantian Special Fan Co., Ltd. is an old-fashioned wind turbine manufacturer and has a complete technical center and fan processing center. How to distinguish different types of fans in the classification of many fans? Here is a blue sky fan to introduce to you:


According to different pressures


1 low pressure centrifugal fan, a wind pressure of 100-900pa


2 medium pressure centrifugal fan with a wind pressure 980-2942pa


3 high pressure centrifugal fan, a wind pressure 2942-14710pa


According to the use, it can be divided into


1 General purpose centrifugal fan is used for ventilation of buildings and air supply of industrial furnaces. Domestically produced series of 4-72, T4-72, 4-79, 9-19, 9-26 are all such .


2 Dust centrifugal fan is used to discharge dust-containing air, such as grinding wheel, abrasive grain, sawdust, shavings and pneumatic conveying. Domestically produced C6-48 and C4-73 series are all such.


3 Pulverized coal centrifugal fan is used to transport coal powder in thermal power plants. Domestically produced M5-29, M9-26, M7-29, and M5-36 series are all such.


4Boiler centrifugal fan is used for heat supply and exhaust of thermal power station and other industrial steam boilers. It is called ventilator for air supply, and the induced draft fan for exhausting smoke. Domestically produced G4-73, Y4-73, YX9-35, y5 Series -47, y5-48, Y6-48, etc. are all such.


5 explosion-proof centrifugal fan is used to discharge flammable and explosive gas. The impeller material of this type of fan is mostly gold-containing aluminum. The explosion-proof centrifugal fan produced in China has B4-72 series.


6 high temperature centrifugal fan is used to discharge gas with temperature above 250 °C, mainly used in metallurgy, power station, chemical and other departments.


With the progress of the times, Blue Sky Fan has also developed a variety of purification fans, dedicated to air showers, dust-free workshops and other special fans for purification.


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