Difference Between Forward Centrifugal Fan And Tilting Centrifugal Fan

- Oct 31, 2017-

Front tilt centrifugal fan:

Production: The use of high quality steel plate press Folding

Advantages: Low cost, low rotational speed, fine shaft and smaller bearings, and wide operating range. Disadvantage: The shape of the performance curve may be parallel to the pipe network resistance curve, and the system static pressure reduces may cause the motor overload. Other than that

The blade structure strength is low, cannot operate at the high rotational speed.

Back tilt centrifugal fan:

Production: Casting

Advantages: High efficiency and no overload of power curve. The power curve usually reaches the maximum value in the middle of the common range, so that the general

Not overloaded. The blade and the impeller's own structure strength is higher, may make the high hydrostatic pressure system. Low noise, large air volume, high efficiency area

Disadvantage: Because the impeller running speed is high, so the need for thicker shaft and larger bearings and the balance of the higher requirements, in addition

The fluctuation of static pressure can cause the change of working condition

Applicable place: Air ventilation, fire, dust removal, exhaust smoke