Characteristics And Application Of Air Shower Room

- Oct 31, 2017-

Now the industrial plant is commonly used in the wind shower room. Talking about the wind shower room, many people may feel strange, after all, it is mainly used in industrial production, in People's daily life of the application is less. So what is the air shower room, what are the characteristics of the wind room, which fields should be used? Next I will give you a detailed description of the characteristics of the air shower room and its main applications.

Almost all modern industry has its own clean plant facilities. One of the most important equipment in clean plant facilities is the air shower room. When we enter the clean plant area for industrial operation or production, we must first enter the air shower room for disinfection and clean treatment, effectively remove the dust and other pollutants in our body, so that more clean and sanitary into the clean plant for industrial production. In fact, the air shower is a clean area in the area of cleanliness to a partition, can effectively isolate the clean area in the clean area, play a role in cleaning buffer. There is a former two electronic doors in the air shower room, which can effectively obstruct the clean gas dust intrusion into the clean zone and affect the industrial productivity.

The main characteristics of the air shower room are as follows: first, when the air shower operation, the use of the automatic mode, the two doors fully closed operation, can play a more effective cleaning role; second, the basic configuration of the air shower room is made of stainless steel materials, such as: stainless steel handle, stainless steel backplane, etc. third, can show clean time, Improve the worker's time utilization rate, the dust removal speed is fast, the dust removal effect is good.

At this stage, the main application of the wind shower room in a variety of industrial production areas, such as: in the pharmaceutical production, petrochemical refining, food processing and so on, air shower equipment is essential.