Blue Sky Fan's 'five-star' Service

- Apr 24, 2019-

The blue sky fan after-sales team uses the "blue sky fan" as the logo to provide you with one-stop service for intimate manufacturers, and the service network covers the whole country. The team has many years of experience, many senior engineers, and excellent professional skills. It solves various technical problems caused by environmental factors such as heating problems of air shower fans and vibration problems of cleaning fans.


The team is equipped with professional equipment, including vibration tester, noise instrument, anemometer, thermometer, withstand voltage tester, speed tester and other professional equipment to provide professional protection for identification and troubleshooting. The safe working equipment (labor shoes, goggles, helmets, safety belts, etc.) equipped by Blue Sky Fan engineers ensures that the occupational health and safety system is implemented.


In addition to professional product technical knowledge, years of after-sales service experience is a valuable asset for Blue Sky wind turbine engineers. Through repeated on-the-spot experience, their ability to judge and solve problems is very strong. On the survey of customer satisfaction, the “labels” posted by customers to Blue Sky engineers are: “strong team cohesion”, “hard work”, “ "Service awareness is good", "Young and passionate."


Tel: 18851570668