Automatic Family Shower Room

- Oct 31, 2017-

The price of the air shower room is different according to the different configuration. In addition to the material configuration is different, there are manual door and automatic door device.

1, automatic family shower room is currently mainly two kinds: A, 90 degrees automatic opening. B, 180 degrees angle shift door device.

2, the automatic family drench the room is the system configuration is refers to according to the use request and the peripheral auxiliary control device which is connected with the automatic door controller, such as the opening signal source, the access control system, the security device, the centralized control and so on.

3, automatic family shower room can also be set according to function: Manual induction door, card opening, automatic induction door and so on different devices.

4, the air shower room automatic Door brand different prices are different, such as import Cuadros, Panasonic and other big brand automatic door device, in the automatic family shower room quality is relatively stable.