A Brief Introduction Of Steel Plate Baking-paint Air Shower Room

- Oct 31, 2017-

Characteristics of the air shower room:

1, the size of the air shower room can be customized according to customer requirements,

2, the Air shower box material: Inside and outside the box can choose 1.2mm cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic spraying

3, the door material is optional: 1.2mm Cold steel plate electrostatic spraying or all stainless steel with half glass transparent window door; door configuration: Manual door or automatic door device can be selected.

4, the air shower nozzle: With 360 degrees can adjust all stainless steel nozzle, mouth diameter of φ30mm.

5, Clean filter device: First, high efficiency filter Two-level filtration system, efficient filter filter efficiency can reach 99.99% 0.3μm.

6, the emergency stop device: When the wind shower room failure, can quickly cut off the power supply, so that all the doors in the air shower room open, to maximize the security of users.

7, automatic family shower room Automatic Induction control system: With Hangzhou method Infrared Automatic induction blowing, intelligent Circuit board control, humanized voice prompts system.

8, LED display Control Panel, blowing time can be adjusted arbitrarily 0s-99s, the factory initial wind time is generally set to 15 seconds, touch micro-switch.

9, the wind shower room special lighting, when the long time the wind shower room does not work, the wind shower room dedicated lighting lights off, and ordinary lighting compared to the current national promotion of Low-carbon energy-saving design requirements.

10, with high wind volume and low noise efficiency centrifugal air shower special fan, super wind speed can reach 22~28m/s, for clean room provides effective protection.