Working process and air volume system of boiler centrifuga linduced draft blower

- Dec 05, 2018-

Boiler centrifuga linduced draft blower is a kind of vane type rotating machine. It mainly uses the interaction of vane and gas to some extent, so that the pressure and kinetic energy of the centrifugal blower gas can be effectively improved, and the gas flow element of the camera is used to make the gas. Deceleration turns kinetic energy into an increase in pressure.

The working process of the boiler centrifuga linduced draft blower is that when the motor rotates to drive the fan impeller to rotate, the gas between the blades in the impeller also rotates, and these gases are extracted under the action of centrifugal force, and the gas flow rate is increased to make the gas flow. The kinetic energy is converted into static pressure energy, and then, as the fluid is pressurized, the static pressure energy is converted into velocity energy, and the gas is exhausted through the exhaust port.

The temperature of the boiler centrifuga linduced draft blower coil is also required. When the operating temperature of the fan coil unit is cooled, the temperature is controlled at 16 to 36 °C, and when it is heated, it is 10 to 30 °C. Also note that the centrifugal fan coils should not be installed in areas with corrosive gases to avoid adverse effects. Therefore, for the centrifugal fan, the air supply is kept constant throughout the year, and the air system that changes the air supply temperature to adapt to the change of the air conditioning load becomes a constant air volume system; while maintaining the air supply temperature or parameters, the air supply volume is changed. The system that adapts to changes in air conditioning load becomes a variable air volume system.