Working principle and practical use of dust centrifugal blower

- Jan 17, 2019-

The principle of the dust centrifugal blower is basically the same as that of the household dust removal fan. The air inside the machine is extracted by the fan or the air pump, so that the pressure difference is generated inside and outside the machine. The dust centrifugal blower is also called the negative pressure, and the higher the negative pressure, The stronger the suction.


Dust centrifugal blower is actually a very simple machine, mainly with a vortex air pump or fan for ventilation. After the debris enters the machine through the nozzle and the suction pipe, it first enters a filter bag, usually non-woven, after primary filtration. The air with fine dust passes through a special filter and is removed through the exhaust fan of the secondary fan. The filtration efficiency is basically over 96%.


Nowadays, many industries need dust centrifugal blower operation. Although it is not very large in air volume, there is no way to meet the needs in some fields, but the special effects in dust removal are more obvious, and it can make the cleaning degree in a certain area very good. Improve, use centrifugal force to let some dust be discharged through the process of exhausting air, not only to play the role of ventilation and cooling, but also play an important role in dust removal.