What is the backward impeller centrifugal fan? How to maintain it?

- Dec 05, 2017-

The backward impeller centrifugal fan is the backward impeller with the outlet angle of less than 90 degrees. Generally speaking, from the radial section of the wind wheel, the angle between the outer spur line of the blade and the tangential direction of the rotation direction of the blade is acute angle, which means the backward wind wheel.


The fan should be placed in a relatively smooth place, and the surrounding environment should be kept clean, dry and ventilated.

The rotation direction of the backward impeller centrifugal fan should  be consistent with the direction of arrow marked on the fan housing. When working, the working pressure can not be greater than the normal working pressure specified in the list, so as to avoid causing the larger heat by the air pump and the supercurrent by the motor which will damage the fan.


In addition to the two bearings of the motor rotor, the backward impeller centrifugal fan will not contact the friction directly. Fan bearing installation method is divided into two categories. The first type of fan end bearing is installed in the blower between the motor frame and impeller. This type of fan does not need to add grease at ordinary times.


The second type of backward impeller centrifugal fan end bearing is installed in the middle of the pump cover. The bearing of the backward impeller centrifugal fan should be lubricated periodically. Once a month, for the three continuous work of the fan, it should increase the number of refueling. The filter network of the equipment should be cleaned in time.