What are the structural characteristics of the air shower centrifugal blower?

- Aug 30, 2018-

Air shower centrifugal blower design and construction is sturdy and durable, easy to maintain, easy to control the shell material is cast iron HT250; using external bearing structure, the impeller is installed on the high-strength spindle, supported by anti-friction bearings, help equipment Extended service life.


Air shower centrifugal blower not only scientifically designs reflow and diversion, but also has a diffuser design for the casing to effectively improve the efficiency of the fan. The non-contact labyrinth seal prevents leakage and ensures that the bearing lubricant is not contaminated; when replacing the seal ring There is no need to disassemble the inlet and outlet pipes; the inlet and outlet are flanged and the inlet and outlet orientation can be selected according to the design requirements.


The air shower centrifugal blower performs an overspeed test to ensure its mechanical performance; each impeller is subjected to a dynamic balance test; the entire impeller assembly is subjected to a dynamic balance test. In the actual test, we tested according to the requirements of class G1.0 to ensure the mechanical performance of the air shower chamber centrifugal blower.