What are the requirements for low noise centrifugal blower installation?

- Jun 12, 2018-

The handling and lifting of low-noise centrifugal blowers should meet specific requirements. Do you know what specific content is included? Next we will analyze this issue and hope to provide some references. First of all, with regard to the overall installation of a low-noise centrifugal blower, it should be noted that the ropes for handling and lifting should not be tied to the rings of the rotor and the casing or the bearing cover.


If it is necessary to assemble on the job site, then it should be noted that the binding of the ropes during the packaging must not damage the low-noise centrifugal blower unit surfaces and the center holes at both ends of the rotor and gear shafts. At the same time, it should be noted that the connecting bolt holes, rotor journals, and shaft seals of the thrust surface of the bearing shell and the horizontal midplane of the thrust plate are not part of the binding area.


Taking into account the requirements of practical applications, if a low-noise centrifugal blower is used to transport special media, then the rotors and casings of the equipment used shall be protected and protected from damage; And the gear shaft is directly on the ground to roll or move. As for the cooling system and the sealing system, it should be kept clean and unobstructed, and it should meet the strength test.


It should be noted that when installing a low-noise centrifugal blower, relevant accessories for it should also be installed. Including the inlet pipe of the fan, the exhaust pipe, the adjusting device of the valve part, and the piping of the gas heating to the cooling device oil system, etc., need to set up a separate support and be firmly connected with the foundation or other buildings. In addition, when the pipelines are connected with the fan, the flange surface should be flat and should not be pulled hard and strong. The fan casing should not bear the weight of other components and prevent the casing from being deformed.


In addition, if the pipeline connected to the low-noise centrifugal blower needs to be cut or welded, care should be taken not to deform the casing during operation. It is recommended that this be done after the tubing and casing are disengaged. The exposed part of the low-noise centrifugal blower's transmission has a shroud. When the air inlet or intake pipe of the fan is directly connected to the atmosphere, a protective net or other safety facilities should be installed.