What are the characteristics of the FFU centrifugal fan?

- Oct 17, 2018-

The high-quality qualified FFU centrifugal fan not only has the advantages of long life and low noise, but also requires no excessive maintenance and vibration under long-term use. The FFU centrifugal fan has stable performance, especially the special truncated fan blade design, which ensures the air volume is unchanged under the condition of the ultimate resistance of the high-efficiency filter, and the replacement period of the filter is extended, which brings great economic benefits to the user. .


In other words, the FFU Centrifugal Fan is a widely used device that helps provide a sterile, dust-free clean environment. The structure adopts vertical flow shape and quasi-closed table top, which can effectively prevent the external airflow from inducing and operating the odor to stimulate the human body. At the same time, the adjustable air volume fan system is adopted, and the light touch switch adjusts the voltage to ensure that the wind speed in the working area is always in an ideal state.


In addition, the FFU centrifugal fan is also very flexible and convenient to operate, coupled with its unique low vibration, low noise and excellent uniform distribution of air, etc., which are very popular among users. The device is compact and easy to install and maintain. There are different options in design, size and air performance.