What are the advantages of using fan for Variable Frequency Motor?

- Jan 16, 2019-

The advantages of using fan for Variable Frequency Motor are mainly reflected in the principle of power saving. Any production machine that uses an AC induction motor as the electric drive mode, the power of the motor is selected according to the rated load during the maximum load period. Most of the work can not be fully loaded, the motor works at full voltage, full speed and load is small, there will be a lot of time to run at no load.


Nowadays, the method of detecting the load size is adopted. According to the reduction of the load, the proper reduction of the stator voltage can improve the efficiency. This is because the active component of the stator current is small when light load and no load, and mainly the reactive current of the excitation. Even for many "constant speed" nature machines, there is a significant energy saving effect by changing the load with the speed regulation. This is because the various losses of the motor and the production machine decrease with the speed of the speed after the speed reduction, and the efficiency is much higher than the mechanical method. Great improvement.


Soft start energy saving Generally, the induction motor adopts the method of directly connecting to the power grid. The starting current of the motor is 5~7 times of the rated time, not only the loss is large, but also the impact on the power grid is large, the mechanical wear and the vibration are large, if the frequency conversion speed is used to start The starting current can be limited to a small value. If the full load is started, it is only required to be slightly larger than the rated current, so that the starting loss is greatly reduced.