Ventilating and cooling system of variable frequency motor fan

- Mar 20, 2018-

In the process of operating the inverter motor, when the speed of the fan changes, the speed is directly proportional to the frequency when the slip rate changes little, so that it can be seen that changing the power frequency can effectively change the speed of the inverter motor fan. It is always desirable to keep the main flux unchanged.

When the variable frequency motor fan is running, its main magnetic flux is smaller than the magnetic flux during normal operation. In this case, the motor torque decreases, and the polymer insulating material and the vacuum pressure impregnating lacquer are effectively used in the manufacturing process. The process and the use of a special insulation structure, so that the electrical winding insulation pressure and mechanical strength have been greatly improved, sufficient to withstand the high-speed motor operation and resistance to high-frequency current inverter impact and voltage damage to the insulation.

The variable frequency motor fan has high balance quality, and its vibration level is R level to a certain extent. The mechanical precision of the entire equipment is highly processed, and its dedicated high-precision bearings are used in the production, so that high-speed operation can be performed. Now.

The f variable frequency motor fan will use its forced ventilation and heat dissipation system when it is manufactured. During the production, all imported axial fans will be used for ultra-quietness. The entire equipment is of high life and strong wind, so that the motor can be protected to some extent. At any speed, effective heat dissipation can be achieved, so that it can effectively achieve its high-speed and low-speed long-term operation.