Unit installation and technical documentation of high pressure centrifugal fan

- Jul 17, 2018-

The installation of the unit of high pressure centrifugal fan should be placed directly on the foundation and leveled with paired inclined horns. The centrifugal fan assembled on site by high-pressure centrifugal fan should be tightly jointed with the base. The longitudinal non-level should not exceed 0.2/1000, measured on the main shaft with a spirit level, the horizontal non-horizontal bottom should not exceed 0.3/1000, and the horizontal level is measured on the horizontal surface of the bearing housing.

Before the bearing of the high pressure centrifugal fan is scraped, the rotor shaft line and the shaft axis of the casing should be corrected. When using, adjust the gap between the impeller and the inlet and the shaft hole between the main shaft and the rear plate of the casing. The gap so that it conforms to the technical documentation of the device.

When the main shaft and bearing bush of the high pressure centrifugal fan are assembled, they should be inspected according to the technical documents of the equipment during operation. The bearing cap and the bearing bush should be effectively maintained at an interference of 0.03 to 0.04 mm. When the fan casing is assembled To a certain extent, the position of the casing should be corrected based on the rotor axis, and the axial and radial clearance between the impeller inlet and the casing inlet should be high-speed to the range specified in the equipment technical documents. Also check that the anchor bolts are tight.