The use and maintenance of air conditioning centrifugal fan

- Jun 26, 2018-

What is the relationship between the service life of an air-conditioning centrifugal fan and its own quality? In fact, for an air-conditioner centrifugal fan, its service life is often related to the material used in production. Of course, it depends on whether the technical personnel of the fan manufacturers are professional and whether the manufacturer can continuously Production technology for innovation and improvement.


It can be seen that the service life of air-conditioning centrifugal fans is often affected by many factors. Even if the user can select the equipment that is suitable for him when selecting the fan, if he does not follow the operating rules during the daily use, the use effect of the fan will be reduced, and the service life of the equipment will be shortened. This is also a great loss for the user.


If you develop a good habit of use, not only can increase the effect of the use of air-conditioning centrifugal fan, but also can extend the life of the equipment to a certain extent. So what exactly is the best way to use it? How can we minimize the damage to centrifugal fans? Next, we will analyze a few tips for everyone, hoping to help everyone.


First of all, the correct use of the air-conditioning centrifugal fan starts from the start-up. In actual operation, the worker needs to check the fan equipment first. If the rated power of the motor is too low, the motor is changed; if the starting procedure is not correct, the starting device is adjusted; if the power consumption is too large when starting, the gas flow when starting is verified. The control mechanism can be in the closed position; if the rotor becomes stuck, the fan is moved by hand to check and investigate the cause of the jam.


In addition, during the use of air-conditioning centrifugal fan equipment, one of the more common problems is vibration. Vibration can generally be reduced by reducing the speed of the fan. However, it is still necessary for the user to judge according to the detailed situation of the applied fan to determine what method will eventually be used to be more reasonable. In addition, the air-conditioning centrifugal fan needs to be regularly cleaned, which also helps to extend its service life.