The role of FFU centrifugal fan in the clean room

- Nov 14, 2019-

The FFU centrifugal fan plays a big role in the clean room. This is because the characteristics of the FFU itself can solve many problems in the clean room. Then the clean room vacuum cleaner supplier is good to introduce the FFU in the clean room. What role can it play?

1. FFU can solve the problem of narrow maintenance space at the top of the clean room ceiling, mainly using the FFU fan filter unit to save space characteristics.

2, FFU can make up for the lack of mobility of the clean room, thus solving the shortcomings of the production process should not be adjusted. Mainly to take advantage of the structural characteristics of the FFU fan filter unit independence, adjustable characteristics.

3. FFU can solve the shortcomings of the large air supply room and the concentrated air supply of the air conditioning unit. Mainly to use the energy saving characteristics of the FFU fan filter unit system.

Excellent net for the relevant recommendations in the clean room: If the individual clean rooms of the factory with a large area have higher cleanliness requirements, then the air conditioning unit that is bound to concentrate the air supply has a larger air volume, and the fan head is higher to overcome the wind. The resistance of the pipe and the resistance of the initial effect, medium efficiency and high efficiency filter can make the cleanliness of these rooms, which will lead to an increase in the overall operating cost of the air conditioner, while the cleanliness effect of those rooms with higher cleanliness is It may not be able to meet the demand. Moreover, as long as the air conditioner fails in the centralized air supply system, all the clean rooms involved in the air conditioner will stop running and cannot work normally.