The correct selection of air purification centrifugal fan impeller

- May 12, 2018-

Air purification products basically use filter technology. Simply put, it is a combination of an air-purification centrifugal fan impeller and a filter, but it can play an extremely important role in the purification of the ambient air. So how do you choose the air purification centrifugal fan impeller here?


The micro-fan in the machine will stir the air in the room. Under the action of the impeller of the air-purifying centrifugal fan, the particulate matter in the air will be adsorbed on the filter net so that the particulate matter in the air will be decremented to achieve the purpose of cleaning the indoor air. It can be seen that the key to the equipment is the filter and air purification centrifugal fan impeller. The difference in quality of most products depends on the number of layers, materials, and fan quality.


Air purification centrifugal fan impeller is the key to the entire air purification equipment, a powerful performance of air purification centrifugal fan impeller often has thick activated carbon, multi-layer non-woven filter, the resistance of these filters is not small for the performance of the fan challenge.


An excellent centrifugal fan for air purification must ensure that a large amount of clean air can still be output under resistance conditions of several hundred Pa, while producing as much noise as possible. At present, there are two main types of centrifugal fans for air purification in the market: centrifugal fans and axial fans.


Axial fan is the fan whose air and fan blades have the same axial direction, but the air volume and air pressure are relatively small. The centrifugal fan's air flow enters through the fan shaft, and then the air is blown out. A vacuum forms inside the fan casing and sucks in the outside air. The air volume and pressure are relatively large. Therefore, the centrifugal fan is the first choice for the centrifugal fan with air purification. It not only overcomes the huge resistance caused by the high-efficiency particulate filter + activated carbon, but also can output a considerable amount of clean air. Of course, regardless of whether the forward or backward centrifugal fan is used, a special design of the air duct structure is required to make the most of it, and at the same time, a lower noise is generated.


For example, this type of backward-inclined centrifugal fan has a beautiful design. The beautiful impeller surface is based on a large number of simulations and aerodynamics of physical experiments. It greatly enhances the performance of air-purifying centrifugal fan impellers; The integrated high-strength, corrosion-resistant composite material further reduces resistance and wind noise.