Technical standard for maintenance of the centrifugal fan impeller (rotor)

- Dec 09, 2017-

1. Weld seam and principal axis of the centrifugal fan impeller should have no crack, blade and disc should have no stratum disjunctum.


2. Impeller and principal axis lock nut should be intact without loosening, nondestructive inspection and thickness measuring of the impeller should be carried out. The wheel reducing thickness should not exceed 1/3 of the original thickness. The blade reducing thickness does not exceed 1/2 of the original thickness. The hub fixed rivet head diameter or height reduction is not more than 1/5.


3. Check the radial runout and end face runout of each part of the rotor.


4. The clearance between the impeller and the inlet cone is 5 - 15mm.


5. Centrifugal fan impeller has no serious corrosion, wear, blade defects and other defects.


6. Low speed static equilibrium test should be carried out after the centrifugal fan impeller is assembled.