Technical characteristics of forward curved centrifugal fans

- Jan 30, 2019-

The forward curved centrifugal fan has the characteristics of high pressure, large flow, small volume and light weight. In recent years, it has been used more and more in air conditioning, construction, marine, and agricultural plant protection. As a classic space-saving product, the front-bent centrifugal fan is capable of driving air to exchange heat and cold in a variety of devices and systems, minimizing installation depth, low noise and excellent efficiency, making them yours best choice.
Compared with other equipment, the forward curved centrifugal fan has the characteristics of compact shape, easy installation and maintenance. At the same time, it has various varieties, different choices in design, size and air performance, which can meet the needs of different users. Selection requirements.
The front curved centrifugal fan adopts advanced aerodynamic design concept, high efficiency and low noise; and has efficient and energy-saving design, mature technology and stable performance. It can realize 100% speed regulation and low starting current through transformer or electronic control equipment; It is widely used in air conditioning units, ultra-clean dust chambers, hospital systems, precision computer room air conditioners and building air supply, exhaust, plant, agriculture, air conditioning, refrigeration, heating and so on.