Structural requirements and working efficiency of centrifugal fan impeller

- Jul 20, 2018-

The centrifugal fan impeller is mainly composed of the blade and the front and rear cover plates. The closed impeller has high efficiency and is difficult to manufacture during operation. It is most widely used in centrifugal pumps. It is suitable for conveying clean water without particles, such as clean water and solution.

The centrifugal fan impeller generally has two structures, one of which is a front half-open type, which is composed of a rear cover plate and a blade. The impeller of this structure is low in efficiency, and a sealing ring with adjustable clearance is needed for improving efficiency; It is a rear half-open type consisting of a front cover plate and a blade. Since the same sealing ring as the closed impeller can be applied, the efficiency is basically the same as that of the closed impeller, and the blade has a liquid (in addition to the liquid or the impeller). ) Sealing effect. The semi-open impeller is suitable for conveying liquids containing suspended solids such as solid particles, fibers, and the like. The semi-open impeller is less difficult to manufacture, lower in cost, and more adaptable. It is gradually used in centrifugal pumps for refining and chemical industry, and is used to transport clean water and liquids with similar water.

The centrifugal fan impeller has blades and ribs to a certain extent. To some extent, there is no impeller of the front and rear cover plates. The impeller has low efficiency and low application, and is mainly used to transport liquid with high viscosity, and to a certain extent. Slurry liquid. The blades of the centrifugal pump impeller are generally back-bent blades. The blade has two kinds of cylindrical and twisted shapes. The application of the twisted blade can reduce the load of the blade, and can improve the suction performance of the centrifugal pump and improve the anti-cavitation ability.