Structural design features of centrifugal impeller fan blade

- May 29, 2019-

In industrial production processes such as building materials, electric power and metallurgy, it is used to discharge centrifugal fans with large moisture content, small dust particles and high viscosity. It is recommended to use a centrifugal impeller fan blade that avoids the loss or retreat of the flow field and reduces the ash and ash accumulation.


The centrifugal impeller fan blade comprises a wheel disc, a wheel cover and a plurality of blades uniformly mounted between the upper end surface of the wheel disc and the lower end surface of the wheel cover, the impeller further comprising a plurality of cleaning plates and a plurality of evenly mounted on the upper end surface of the wheel disc An arcuate baffle between the lower end of the wheel cover.


The deflector is disposed on the suction surface of the blade and is connected with the head and the tail to form a fan-shaped cavity. The blade root and the root of the deflector are provided with a plurality of opposed blowing holes, and the cleaning plate is evenly arranged in the radial direction. Arranged on the lower end surface of the wheel, a plurality of cleaning grooves are uniformly opened at the bottom of the cleaning plate.


By providing a baffle on the suction side of the centrifugal impeller fan blade, the gas phase and solid phase flow field structure of the blade suction front edge are improved, and the adhesion and accumulation of dust particles in the middle of the suction surface of the blade are reduced. By opening a pair of blown holes at the root of the blade and the root of the baffle that are in contact with the wheel, the high pressure fluid having a certain energy of the blade pressure surface is led to the retarding zone of the suction face by the slit, at the boundary formed When the layer has not been separated, it is taken to the mainstream, which can effectively avoid or retreat the flow field separation and reduce the ash collection.


By adding a dust-removing plate to the lower end surface of the wheel, when the wheel rotates, the dust-removing plate will be selected to form an outward vortex, which not only enables the dust on the wheel to be spun off, but also the impeller. The resistance of the internal lateral flow vortex forms a phase balance, increasing the ability of the high pressure fluid to overcome the resistance. The ash accumulation phenomenon after the baffle and the blowhole is increased to a large extent, and the stable operation cycle of the fan is more than 4 times longer than that of the ordinary fan.