Selection procedure of medium pressure centrifugal blower

- Aug 25, 2018-

Before selecting a medium pressure centrifugal blower, the user needs to first define his own production requirements and specific uses, and also fully consider the environmental requirements in order to select the preferred fan. In addition, it is necessary to select a medium-pressure centrifugal blower suitable for the material in combination with the working environment conditions.


If the diameter of the impeller of the selected medium pressure centrifugal blower is obviously large, in order to utilize the original motor shaft, bearing and bearing, etc., the starting time of the motor, the strength of the original components of the fan, and the critical speed of the shaft must be Carry out accounting. If it is necessary to select a fan for discharging high-temperature flue gas or air, a valve for starting should be provided to prevent overload during cold operation.


For working systems with strict noise requirements, the medium-pressure centrifugal blower with high efficiency and low noise should be selected first. Corresponding noise reduction and vibration reduction measures should also be taken according to the noise and vibration propagation modes generated by the ventilation system. The medium pressure centrifugal blower selected should take into account the problems of making full use of the original equipment, suitable for on-site production and installation, and safe operation.