Selection of the transfer window size of the air shower room

- Oct 31, 2017-

One, the air shower room is the staff enters the clean room and the clean room essential purification equipment, it may minimize the staff to enter the clean room The pollution question which brings, treats enters the microelectronics production workshop management to play the certain role.

Second, the Size box of the air shower room. The air shower room consists of a large box, a small box, a roof, an inner floor, a double door of the air shower room and other accessories: a filter, a fan, an intelligent circuit board, a nozzle, a light lamp, etc.

Third, the size of the air shower room material. The main material of the box can be selected according to the price of the different air shower room: cold-rolled steel plate multi-layer pickling electrostatic spraying or whole stainless steel composition. The manufacture of the air shower chamber belongs to the sheet welding, and the welding technology and polishing technology of welders are required.

Four, the air shower room according to the degree of automation can be divided into: intelligent voice air shower room, automatic translation family room, 90 degrees angle automatic family shower room, fast shutter door wind shower room. According to the blowing method, the air shower room can be divided into: top hair dryer, single single hair shower room, single double shower room, single triple shower room, two-person double shower room, two-person three-hair shower room, double-hair shower room, three-person double shower room, the corner air shower room.

V. The air shower room is one of the best purification equipment for the clean room and the clean room buffer channel, it uses the high speed air flow to blow down and clears the human clothing or the material surface to attach the particle. Eliminate the staff will be hair, dust, bacteria into the workshop, to the workplace to achieve strict dust-free purification standards, the production of high-quality products.