Rear diameter centrifugal fan operation and maintenance

- Oct 18, 2018-

After the installation of the rear diameter centrifugal fan is completed, it is necessary to manually drive the vehicle to confirm whether the equipment can operate flexibly or not, and there is a collision phenomenon before commissioning. In order to prevent the motor from being overloaded, the fan must be started without load, and the load should be gradually increased if the condition is good.


For the standard operation of the rear diameter centrifugal fan: 1. The air inlet should be closed before starting the equipment; 2. Check whether the fan parts are normal; 3. After the fan runs for a period of time under the specified load, check whether the bearing temperature is normal. When the bearing temperature has no special requirements, the bearing temperature rise should generally not be higher than the ambient temperature of 40 °C. If it is found that there is severe vibration, impact, and the bearing temperature rises rapidly, it must be stopped urgently.


Regarding the maintenance operation requirements of the rear diameter centrifugal fan: 1. The fan can only operate under the normal condition; 2. If the fan is started after the maintenance, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the fan parts are normal; 3. Regularly remove the internal dust of the fan, Exfoliate and other impurities, check the tightness of the belt at any time to prevent the belt from slipping; 4. Maintenance of the fan must be carried out while parking; 5. If abnormal phenomena are found during the operation of the fan, stop immediately and check.