Product characteristics and flow properties of centrifugal blower and fan

- Dec 15, 2018-

In the process of making the centrifugal blower and fan, it is mainly composed of a stator part, a rotor part and a rotating device. When operating, the multi-stage impeller is mainly used in series, single suction and double support structure. The motor and blower are installed separately and can also be installed on the common base according to customer requirements. The motor and blower are directly connected through the coupling (small type of fan is belt driven), the direction of rotation, from the end of the motor (small type of fan from the motor shaft extension), the blower spindle hour hand rotation.
Centrifugal blower and fan product characteristics
1. The fan inlet and exhaust casing and the returnor are matched by the parameters and the impeller is matched, and the flow loss of the streamlined design is smaller.
2. Adopting ternary flow meridian surface, combined impeller, composite line technology, high impeller aerodynamic efficiency.
3. The impeller inlet sealing and diversion technology effectively improves the fluidity of the impeller inlet.
4. Airfoil type recirculator blade design technology, the loss is small, and the static pressure energy conversion is higher.