Precautions for surge of air shower fans

- May 24, 2019-

In order to prevent the phenomenon of vibration of the air shower fans during operation, firstly, the flow of the air shower fan is always greater than QK. If the required flow rate in the system is less than QK, a recirculation pipe or an automatic discharge valve may be installed, so that the discharge flow rate of the fan is always greater than the QK. Surge alarm device.


If the pipeline performance curve does not pass the coordinate origin, changing the speed of the fan may also result in stable operating conditions. Through the parabola of the highest pressure point in the performance curve of the air shower chamber fan at various speeds, the performance curve of the fan is divided into two parts, the stable working area on the right and the unstable working area on the left, when the pipeline performance curve passes the coordinate origin There is no effect in changing the speed, so the operating points at each speed are similar operating points.


The air shower fan is adjustable with adjustable blades. When the flow required by the system is reduced, the installation angle is reduced, the performance curve is shifted downward, the critical point is moved to the lower left, and the output flow is correspondingly reduced. The most fundamental measure is to avoid the use of a wind shower fan with a hump-shaped performance curve and a fan with a flat curve that slopes downwards.