Precautions and operation requirements for medium pressure centrifugal fan

- Jul 28, 2018-

During the process of using the medium-pressure centrifugal fan, it is necessary to pay attention to cleaning the dust on the surface of the fan, effectively inspect the cleaning bearing, tighten the bolts to some extent, check the inlet and outlet of the medium-pressure centrifugal fan, adjust the tightness of the V-belt and check the lubrication. Parts, replace the oil and seal the ring.

Precautions for medium pressure centrifugal fan

1. The medium-pressure centrifugal fan is found to be too large in flow to a certain extent, so that it does not meet the requirements for use or

Smaller flows are required in a short period of time and can be adjusted using a throttling device.

2. The medium-pressure centrifugal fan is effective in regularly checking the sensitivity of its thermometer and oil mark, and should control the oil level of the bearing housing within the specified allowable range.

3. In the process of stopping, driving or running the fan, if an abnormal phenomenon is found, it needs to be checked immediately.

4. For the minor faults found in the inspection, the cause should be identified in time, and the problem should be eliminated or dealt with. If the minor fault cannot be eliminated, or if a major fault is found, it should be checked immediately.