Points to be aware of during the installation and operation of industrial boiler ID fan

- Oct 06, 2018-

The industrial boiler ID fan should be prepared with the materials and tools for installation before installation. During the operation, the parts of the boiler induced draft fan should be inspected, and the industrial boiler induced draft fan impeller, main shaft and bearing should be operated. It should be especially carefully examined. If damage is found, it should be repaired, and then the inside of the bearing housing is cleaned with kerosene.

1. Inspect the inside of the casing and other casings, and there should be no leftover tools and debris.

2. When joining the bolts on the surface, if there are locating pins, first put the pins on them first, then tighten the bolts.

3. On some joint surfaces, grease or mechanical oil should be applied to prevent rust and reduce disassembly.

Installation requirements for industrial boiler induced draft fans

1. After the installation of the industrial boiler induced draft fan is completed, use the hand or lever to move the rotor to check if there is any phenomenon of over-tightening or collision. In the absence of these phenomena, the test can be turned.

2. When the outlet is installed at an angle, the rear disc rotates properly to keep the card in a horizontal position, and the No8 to 12 angle steel flange surface should be horizontal.

3. When installing the industrial boiler induced draft fan, the weight of the gas pipeline should not be added to the casing, and the gap between the air inlet and the impeller should be corrected according to the drawings, and the horizontal position of the shaft should be maintained.

4. When installing the air inlet pipe of the industrial boiler induced draft fan, it can directly use the bolt connection of the air inlet itself. At this time, the air inlet is fixed by three countersunk screws.