Plastic centrifugal fan impeller classification and use requirements

- Mar 06, 2018-

Plastic centrifugal fan impeller in the use of there will be four forms, namely, closed, the former half-open, after the semi-open and open, plastic centrifugal fan impeller impeller in the production process mainly by the leaves With the front and rear cover composition.

Plastic centrifugal fan impeller impeller high efficiency and higher manufacturing difficulty is relatively large, such equipment used in centrifugal pumps is the most, when used for conveying water and solutions such as the viscosity of smaller particles Clean liquid.

Plastic centrifugal fan impeller semi-open impeller, under normal circumstances there will be two kinds of structures, the first half is open, when used mainly by the cover and leaves composition, this structure impeller efficiency is low, in order to improve efficiency with the need to use Adjustable gap seal ring.

Plastic centrifugal fan impeller half-open, the front cover and leaves composition, the device leaves in addition to conveying liquid, but also has a sealing effect. Semi-open impeller suitable for conveying liquid containing solid particles, fibers and other suspended solids. Semi-open impeller manufacturing less difficulty, lower cost, and adaptability, and gradually increase in the application of centrifugal pumps in the oil refining and chemical industry, and for the transfer of water and liquid water approximation.

Plastic centrifugal fan open impeller, the use of only the blades and blade stiffeners, equipment without front and rear cover of the impeller (open impeller blades less 2-5 pieces). Low efficiency impeller, less application, mainly for the delivery of high viscosity liquid, and the slurry liquid.