Performance and Structure Analysis of Medium Pressure Centrifugal Fan

- Jan 13, 2018-

From the overall performance analysis, in fact, medium pressure centrifugal fan also has two characteristics, one is the higher the pressure coefficient, the other is the larger air volume. In other words, to ensure the correct selection and normal use, the medium pressure centrifugal fan can maintain the best operating point range.


As a result, in actual use, medium-pressure centrifugal fan has played a powerful role. Not only its high efficiency, but also with wind pressure, low noise, energy saving, stable operation, beautiful appearance, compact structure and other advantages. In addition it also has good applicability, can be used in different fields, such as environmental dust removal, thermal power generation, metallurgy, petrochemical and automotive coatings, cement and other industries in a variety of industrial gas transmission.


Of course, in order to meet different requirements, we can adjust the driving mode and material of the medium pressure centrifugal fan according to the performance of the medium delivered. For the time being, there are mainly three kinds of transmission modes of the fan device, namely A, C and D respectively. A-type transmission is mainly driven by the impeller impeller, casing, inlet and other components of the direct distribution of electrical components.


The other two modes of transmission medium pressure centrifugal fan is mainly composed of impeller, casing, air inlet and transmission group and other components. Among them, the impeller is generally composed of a rearward-oriented R-plate blade, a curved front plate and a flat-plate rear plate, both of which are welded by using steel plates. Static and dynamic balance verification is also carried out to keep the balance accuracy at 5.6 Within, with high efficiency, high pressure, low noise and other advantages.


In addition, the shell of medium pressure centrifugal fan is often made of steel plate after welding. From the appearance point of view, more beautiful and generous, but also easy to disassemble and maintain, the overall structure more solid and firm. Medium pressure centrifugal fan air inlet is usually a convergent streamlined overall structure, with light, small vibration, high efficiency, beautiful appearance and so on.