Operation requirements and motor protection of centrifugal air blower for air shower

- Dec 13, 2018-

The centrifugal air blower for air shower will change due to the system air volume demand. The task of the compressor is to adjust the system system when the system demand changes, so that the system pressure can be kept unchanged. The function of a constant pressure source is controlled by the adjustment of the inlet vane and the vent valve.
The control mode of the air shower centrifugal blower is a high load limit, a throttle limit plus a proportional integral algorithm. The high load limit is to limit the maximum opening of the intake vane when needed, to protect the motor, and the throttling limit is to limit the minimum opening of the intake vane and protect the compressor. The introduction of motor current in the pressure control loop is a feature of this circuit.
The first function of the air shower chamber to introduce the motor current is to protect the motor, so that the overload can be prevented, called the high load limit. The second function is to determine the threshold for the vent valve to open. This point is called the throttling limit. In fact, the intake guide vane and the vent valve are controlled by the split.