Operation process and throttling effect of Air Conditioning Centrifugal Fan

- Mar 23, 2019-

The Air Conditioning Centrifugal Fan is a new type of energy-saving, variable speed, high efficiency and low noise centrifugal fan. The fan is compact and easy to install during operation. The whole equipment is small in size, large in air volume, high in pressure and low in vibration. With three-phase voltage regulator or frequency converter, it can carry out stepless speed regulation, especially suitable for ventilation and ventilation places with strict noise requirements and large air volume variation. It is an ideal accessory product for air conditioner, purification and other industries.


The high temperature and high pressure refrigeration steam from the compressor of the air conditioner centrifugal fan enters the condenser through the high pressure hose; since the temperature outside the vehicle is lower than the temperature of the refrigerant entering the condenser, the refrigerant flowing in the condenser is operated by the action of the condensation fan Most of the heat is carried away by the outside air, so that the high temperature and high pressure gas is condensed into a high temperature and high pressure liquid.


During the operation of the air-conditioning centrifugal fan, due to the throttling effect, its volume suddenly becomes larger and lowers during operation, so that it can become a low-pressure and low-temperature misty liquid to enter the evaporator and vaporize under constant pressure. The temperature of the refrigerant in the tube vaporization is lower than the circulating air outside the evaporator tube, so it can absorb the heat in the air outside the tube, thereby lowering the temperature of the air flowing through the evaporator, thereby generating a cooling and cooling effect, and vaporizing The refrigeration steam is compressed by the compressor and becomes high temperature and high pressure gas to complete the cycle of a refrigeration system.


Air conditioning function of air conditioning centrifugal fan. Through the treatment of indoor and outdoor air, it can ensure that the indoor air is always changed, fresh and natural. It is beneficial to human health by adding indoor active oxygen and negative ion fans through special facilities. The frequency conversion energy-saving system is adopted to minimize the power consumption.