Normal speed and power requirements for double inlet centrifugal fans

- Dec 29, 2018-

The double inlet centrifugal fan is essentially a variable flow constant pressure device during the process of use. When the rotation speed is constant, the pressure-flow theoretical curve of the double inlet centrifugal fan should be a straight line. Due to the internal loss, the actual characteristic curve is Bent. The pressure generated in the centrifugal fan is greatly affected by changes in intake air temperature or density.

The double inlet centrifugal fan has the lowest pressure for a given intake air volume when the highest intake air temperature is used. For a given pressure and flow characteristic curve, there is a power and flow characteristic curve. When the blower When operating at a constant speed, the required power increases with decreasing intake air temperature for a given flow rate.

When the double inlet centrifugal fan reaches the normal speed, the input current of the fan should be measured. The current of the device should not exceed its rated current during the operation. If the running current exceeds its rated current, the supply should be checked during use. Whether the voltage is normal.

The motor power required for the double inlet centrifugal fan mainly refers to the power required for the equipment and the wind chassis when the air inlet is fully opened under certain working conditions. If the air inlet is fully open for operation, the motor is damaged. Danger. When testing the fan, it is best to close the valve on the inlet or outlet of the fan. After the operation, the valve is gradually opened to reach the required working condition, and the operating current of the fan exceeds the rated current.