Normal speed and gas pressure of air conditioning centrifugal fan

- Mar 10, 2018-

When the air conditioning centrifugal fan reaches its normal rotation speed during operation, it is necessary to measure whether the fan input current is normal, and the operating current of the air-conditioning centrifugal fan cannot exceed its rated current. If the current exceeds its rated current during operation, it should be used Check if the voltage supplied is normal.

The motor power required for the air conditioning centrifugal fan mainly means that under certain conditions, the power required for the wind cabinet and the centrifugal fan, and the full opening of the Jinfengkou, will be greater, so that the air inlet will be fully operated, otherwise The motor will be in danger of damage. When the wind turbine is running, it is best to close the valve on the inlet or outlet pipe of the fan. After the operation, the valve will be gradually opened to achieve the required working conditions, and whether the running current of the fan exceeds the rated current.

The impeller of the air-conditioner centrifugal fan is covered with a mechanical shell, and the center of the impeller is an air inlet. When the equipment is working, the power equipment operates to drive the impeller to rotate, so that the air can be effectively sucked from the air inlet and centrifuged. During the rotation of the blades of the fan, a dynamic effect is exerted on the gas to increase the pressure and velocity of the gas, and the gas is discharged from the exhaust port along the blade passage under the effect of the centrifugal force.

The air conditioning centrifugal fan winder is effective in converting the kinetic energy into a pressure principle. During operation, it effectively uses its high-speed rotating impeller to accelerate the gas, and then decelerates and changes its flow direction. In this way, the kinetic energy can be converted into pressure, and the centrifugal force can be centrifuged in a single stage. In the fan, the gas enters the impeller from the axial direction. When the gas flows through the impeller, it changes into a radial direction and then enters the diffuser.