Motor power and running process of backward curved centrifugal fan impeller

- Jun 24, 2019-

The motor power required to backward curved centrifugal fan impeller in the working process mainly refers to the large power required for the centrifugal fan and the wind chassis when the air inlet is fully opened under certain working conditions. If the air inlet is fully open for operation, there is a risk of damage to the motor. When the fan is being tested, the valve on the inlet or outlet of the fan should be closed. After the operation, the valve should be gradually opened to reach the required working condition, and pay attention to whether the running current of the fan exceeds the rated current.


The emergency stop of the centrifugal fan impeller is bent backwards. During the commissioning of the unit, an emergency stop should be immediately taken when one of the following conditions occurs. The emergency stop operation is to press the main motor stop button, and then perform the after-treatment after the shutdown.


a. The centrifugal fan suddenly vibrates strongly and has exceeded the trip value.


b. There is scratch or abnormal friction inside the body.


c. Smoke occurs in any bearing or seal, or a bearing temperature rises sharply to the alarm value.


d. When the oil pressure is lower than the alarm value and cannot be restored to normal.


e. The fuel tank has a low liquid level and has been sucked.


f, the axis displacement value shows a significant continuous increase, when the alarm value is reached.