Method for improving the efficiency of centrifugal fan impeller

- Aug 06, 2018-

Centrifugal fan impeller is an important core component of the whole machine. That is to say, in the operation of the fan, the internal flow of the centrifugal fan impeller will directly affect the performance and efficiency of the whole machine. Therefore, in the design study, people need to do a lot of work to understand the real flow inside the impeller, and in turn improve the impeller design to improve the performance and efficiency of the impeller.


We know that as an important pneumatic component of a wind turbine, the jet wake structure of the centrifugal fan impeller tends to be more severe as the flow rate decreases during the operation of the fan. Moreover, when the flow is small, the wake is on the suction side, and when the flow is drawn, the trail is at the junction of the suction side and the wheel cover. Under the condition of flow rate and small flow rate, the surface of the blade after the impeller is slitted is reduced, the whole flow velocity and the relative velocity distribution inside the impeller are more uniform, and the maximum absolute velocity is significantly reduced.


Through this method, not only the activity state of the internal flow field of the centrifugal fan impeller is improved, but the operation effect of the whole machine is obviously improved. Moreover, the formed jet can blow off the ash accumulated on the suction side of the blade, which is beneficial to the mission of the centrifugal fan impeller in the gas-solid two-phase flow.